Prof. Klaus Häger, the manager of the vocal faculty in HMT Rostock, had an idea of making a performance based on 'German Folk Songs'. Reinhard Schau, director who was employed in Music Academy in Weimar for many years, became responsible for the realization of the project. The following singers of HMT performed: Sonja Bisgiel, Sandra Bogarts, Kristina Davlatyan, Froya Gildberg, Magdalena von Rohden, Katharina Steinwachs, Tobias Germeshausen, Jo-Sep Park, Guk-Hi Rim and Tae Joong Yang. All of them were accompanied by Milena Piszczorowicz, and the performances took place in the HMT patio on July's nights.

The rehearsals, which were 6-7 hours long, developed into a two-week musical - actor workshop. It ended with four performances. The audience gathered in great numbers and there were a lot of applauses.