Dobranoc - gute Nachtgeschichten?

Three actors and two musicians the graduates from Academy Music and Theatre in Rostock decided to make a project in which the musicians try to be actors and the actors try to be musicians. The other aim was to cooperate between Germany and Poland. In the performance German artists sing and recite in polish, polish artists doing it in German. From Leopold Staff, Mascha Kaleko, Eva Strittmatter, Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski chosen texts and songs they created logical performance, each gesture, movement, sentence, property they decided together.

Polish-German music-word performance 'Dobranoc - gute Nachtgeschichten?' (Good night) got first prize in the First Interdisciplinary Competition in Rostock in February 2007. It was played in Theatre Rostock, Ratzeburg, Greifswald, Frankfurt on the Oder and at the Multi Art Festival in Kalisz / Poland.

At night in a piano bar lost spirits and souls who miss each other and look for meet together... The atmosphere at the night make them sensitive, the dream about love, life, sense of live... in spite of defect, that they look connected with each other there are some barriers - difference between polish and German language, different professions and characters.