Multi Art Festival - Art Festival of Young People of Kalisz

Exploring all kinds of artistic styles - music, photography, dance, fine art - can be inspiring for everyone, as in the popular saying: "we can offer something special for everyone". Another fitting motto for our festival is: "The people of Kalisz for the city of Kalisz - now everyone can do something for our city". It reflects young people's talent, passion and ambition.

The idea was born in 2006 in the minds of three Kalisz women: Milena Piszczorowicz, a pianist who graduated from National Music Academy in Poznan and Music & Theatre College in Rostock (Germany); Emilia Sitarz, who graduated from National Music Academy in Warsaw; and Patrycja Dulnik, an artist who graduated from National Art Academy in Warsaw. These three young artists have decided to come up with an interesting initiative for the young people of Kalisz aged 20 to 35. All three were born in Kalisz and grew up here, and now they would like to present their achievements and art.

The more so as their connection with Kalisz is both strong and dynamic; cooperation with Kalisz-based artists and common involvement in artistic confrontations will certainly be inspiring for both sides.

Unique and attractive in meaning, Multi Art will combine different kinds of art and hopefully will become an annual entertainment event.

Coordinator of Festival - Milena Piszczorowicz