II Multi Art Festival - Art Festival of Young People of Kalisz

That year Multi Art Festival was organized for the second time. It was the second time creative youth dominated in Kalisz. It happened thanks to many artists of various fields (art, photography, music, acting, dancing and culinary performers), artists which come from Kalisz, live and create here, but also the ones scattered all over Poland and the world.

We are extremely happy - as organizers, but also inhabitants of the oldest Polish city - happy that Multi Art Festival - unique in atmosphere, interdisciplinary because of the 'mixture' of art - is slowly becoming a periodic event. It introduces unquestionable breath of freshness in the old walls of venerable city, it is a springboard from everyday life, it enriches cultural activity of Kalisz with additional colours.

The previous festival, which was a part of Jubilee of 750th anniversary of Kalisz location, showed that out city needs such an event. It created foundations of building a positive image of our city which remembers its venerable history, but at the same time it bold looks ahead to the future with ideas of its inhabitants.

More than ninety young artists from different fields were able to meet, inspire one another and present their achievements in a forum, which will be an opportunity to promote works of young artists connected with Kalisz. We are delighted in the fact that 'youth festival' can contribute to some extent to creating these intentions and show everybody that in youth lies great energy and power.

Festival's coordinator - Milena Piszczorowicz